Anniversary Tribute for SDASFAA 


SDASFAA service/leadership awards are given annually. The Douglas Steckler Professional Development Award and the Outstanding Service Award recognize SDASFAA members for their contributions to the association.

Awards presented at the 2020 Business Meeting (via Zoom) 

Nathan Buseman
Southeast Technical College
10 Year

Melissa Simpson
Black Hills State University
10 Year

Stephanie Jones
National American University
15 Year

Melinda Fedeler
Dakota State University
20 Year

Denise Grayson
Dakota State University
20 Year

Shelly Husby
University of South Dakota
20 Year

Lindsay Miller
Univesrity of South Dakota
20 Year

Kristy O'Kief
Western Dakota Technical College
20 Year

Noreen Pulling
Great Lakes
20 Year

Jeff Recker
20 Year

Amanda Stirling
South Dakota State University
20 Year

Cathy Mueller
Mapping Your Future
25 Year

Karen Keller
Bank of North Dakota
30 Year

Dee Lawrence
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Education Services
30 Year

Tom Poloncic
Black Hills Beauty College
30 Year

Sharon Kienow
Northern State University
35 Year

Paula Carlson
South Dakota Education Access Foundation
50 Year

Douglas Steckler Professional Development Award


History of award -- Established by the SDASFAA Executive Council May 26, 1992 in remembrance of Doug Steckler, the first SDASFAA President who died April 22, 1992 at age 69. Although as early as 1966, Doug had led the effort to establish a professional association in South Dakota for those involved in financial aid administration, the organization was not officially formed until September 29, 1970.

Purpose of award -- To recognize one member for service to the association. The Douglas Steckler Professional Development Award will be presented at the annual meeting by the Recognition Committee from nominations solicited from the membership-at-large. It will include a plaque and a $100 voucher to be used for professional development at the recipient's discretion during the following year.

Past recipients 
1993   Deb Henriksen, Dakota Wesleyan Univ 
1994   Monte Nipp, Northern State University 
1995   David Martin, Black Hills State University
1996   Lisa Isakson, SLFC
1997   Ken Kocer, Mt. Marty College 
1998   Brenda Schmidt, Presentation College 
1999   Monica Gannon, National American Univ 
2000   Renee Leach, Augustana College 
2001   Rosie Jamison, Dakota State University 
2002   Clarence Shoemaker, USD
2003   Marlene Seeklander, EAC
2004 Pam Lane, Northern State University 
2005 Mary Anne Whitman, EAC 
2006 Starla Russell, Western Dakota Tech
2007 Laura Olson, University of Sioux Falls
2008   Emily Studenski, Augustana College
2009 Becky Pribyl, Northern State University
2010 Cindy Swinson, SDSU
2011 Sharon Martin, Western Dakota Tech
2012 Denise Grayson, Dakota State University
2013 Kristy O'Kief, Dakota Wesleyan University
2014 Erin Richards, SDSMT
2015 Marlene Seeklander, Lake Area Tech
2016 Katie Nelson, Black Hills State University
2017 Kim Nida, Black Hills State University
2018 Melinda Fedeler, Dakota State University
2019 Carissa Koerner, University of Sioux Falls


Outstanding Service Award

History of award -- Established by the SDASFAA Executive Council in 1994.

Purpose of award -- To recognize a member for service to the association over a considerable time through professional contributions and leadership. Awarded to one member annually who is nominated from the membership-at-large. The final selection will be made by the Executive Council by secret ballot. If no one is nominated by the membership, the Executive Council may select the recipient.

Past recipients 
1994 Gene Linton, Augustana College
1995 Donna Johnson, First Bank
1996 John Gritts, Black Hills State University
1997 Deb Henriksen, Dakota Wesleyan University
1998 Grant Uecker, Mitchell Technical Institute
1999 Brenda Murtha, Augustana College
2000 Todd Otterberg , SD Army National Guard
2001 Peggy Kuck, EAC
2002 Sharon Kienow, Northern State University
2003 Cody McMichael, Black Hills State University
2004 Rosie Jamison, Dakota State University
2005 Clarence Shoemaker, USD
2006 Clark Wold, EAC
2007Jay Larson, South Dakota State University
2008 David Martin, SDSM&T
2009 Cindy Swinson, South Dakota State University
2010 Mary Anne Whitman, Presentation College
2011 Carolyn Halgerson, Kilian Community College
2012 Starla Russell, Western Dakota Tech
2013 Becky Pribyl, Northern State University
2014 Ken Kocer, Mount Marty College
2015 Monica Gannon, National American University
2016 Kristy O'Kief, Western Dakota Tech
2017 Paula Carlson, Great Lakes Higher Education Corp
2018 Marlene Seeklander, Lake Area Technical Institute
2019 Micah Hansen, Southeast Technical College

Recognition Committee General Information and Guidelines

Awards are given following the end of the association fiscal year at the next SDASFAA conference. Example: 1996 awards are given at the 1997 spring SDASFAA conference. Annual Awards

Outstanding Service Award -- Membership to the Executive Council. If no one is nominated by the Membership, then the Recognition Committee will solicit nominations and Executive Council will make a selection.

Douglas Steckler Professional Development Award -- Membership to the Recognition Committee (The preceding are to have nominations from the Membership. If none, then the Executive Council and/or the Recognition Committee is to select the recipients.)

Committee of the Year -- Selected by the President of the year being recognized.

Outgoing Executive Council Members -- For recognition of service to all council members that are no longer on the board.

Committee Chairs
For Recognition of service as chair of a SDASFAA standing or sub-committee.

Other Awards

Years of Service to SDASFAA and the Financial Aid Profession -- Begin at 10 (ten) and every 5 (five) year increments thereafter. This award occurs within the year that the SDASFAA member is in the recognition year. This began in 1995 upon the SDASFAA Silver Anniversary. Example: in 1997 individuals who began in 1987, 1982, 1977, etc., are recognized.

Retirement Awards -- These are given in recognition of dedicated service and personal contributions made to SDASFAA and the financial aid profession by individuals who served in leadership positions in the organization.

** Additional awards of any type are at the discretion of the President of the year of recognition.